Tower to Tower

From Monday 28th to Thursday 31st May 2018, Team Tower to Tower will push themselves harder than ever before as they embark upon an epic journey from Paris to London. They will travel by bikes, boats and boots to raise £100,000 to support the children, young adults and families who are cared for by The Donna Louise. This gang of 12 utterly crazy, and utterly wonderful, people are the first ever to tackle this mammoth journey.

Team Tower to Tower will face this intense effort, and mental fatigue, for 4 exceptional days. Our families face this 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Find out who they are, why they are taking part, and how you can get involved...

About The Event

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The first leg of the journey sees Team Tower to Tower take to their bikes to cycle the 18-hour ride from The Eiffel Tower to the port of Le Havre, following the famous River Seine as it meanders its way to the sea. Team work will be critical, for this team of mixed-ability riders, as they push through sore bums and aching legs!

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After a short rest stop at Le Havre, the team will embark on what will be the longest and most challenging section of the journey. After little sleep, the team takes to the sea in a wooden rowing boat, battling tides, sea sickness, blisters and strong winds to row the 160 kilometres across the channel to Brighton. For this team of novice rowers, this section of the journey will push them way beyond their comfort-zone.

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The final leg of the journey starts at Brighton Marina and takes the team on a 100 kilometre, 24-hour trek to London along residential streets, bridle paths, country lanes and dual carriageways. The first 10 hours will be in daylight but by the 26 kilometre-mark, darkness will descend. This last big push comes after travelling around 460 kilometres, deprived of sleep, and pushing bodies and minds to the limit! At this point it will be pure determination that keeps them putting one leg in front of the other.

The Route

Team Tower to Tower are the first ever to take on this epic challenge. It’s completely unique and completely special, just like each one of our children and young adults.

By bikes, boats and boots, the team will travel 560 kilometres following the River Seine, crossing the busiest shipping channel in the world and then trekking their way over hill and dale, to London and the finish line.

Why We're Doing This...

Meghan is Mum to three children, Connor 9, Jamie 7 and 5 year-old Lyla.

When she was 18 weeks pregnant Lyla had a stroke in the womb, followed by a haemorrhage. Amazingly she survived the pregnancy and her premature birth. She has severe brain damage as a result of the stroke and has 13 diagnoses, 4 types of epilepsy, visual impairment and cerebral palsy. As time goes on Lyla requires more specialist care, equipment and medical intervention.

Meghan explains how The Donna Louise helped her family, “They saved us, they literally picked up the pieces of our broken family and now we have a strong support system and a very strong family unit, thanks to all the work the Hospice does.”

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