A non-stop, 560km challenge by bikes, boats and boots

This never-been-done-before challenge covering 560km, non-stop in 4 days by bikes, boats and boots will push Team Tower to Tower to the limit.

Leg 1 of the journey sees the team take to their bikes at 5am to cycle the 18-hour, 270km route from The Eiffel Tower to the port of Le Havre, following the famous River Seine as it meanders its way to the sea. Team work will be critical, for this team of mixed-ability riders, as they push through sore bums and aching legs. With just a few short rest stops along the way to grab some refreshments and make any necessary repairs to bikes and bodies, the team will reach Le Havre as darkness falls.

After a short rest stop at Le Havre, the team will embark on Leg 2 - the longest and most challenging section of the journey. After a short rest stop to change clothing and get something to eat, the team takes to the sea in a wooden rowing boat entering open waters across one of the busiest shipping routes in the world. Adopting a 2 hour on 2 hours off format enables the boat to keep moving at all times but means that, for around 36 hours, team members will have just 2 hours at a time to change out of wet clothes, grab some sustenance and a few moments sleep before getting back in the rowing boat for their next 2-hour rowing shift.

With only a few hours of rowing practice, this section of the journey will push the team way beyond their comfort-zone.

The final leg of the journey starts at Brighton Marina and takes the team on a 100 kilometre, 24-hour trek to London along residential streets, bridle paths, country lanes and dual carriageways. The first 10 hours will be in daylight but by the 26 kilometre-mark, darkness will descend. This last big push comes after travelling around 460 kilometres, deprived of sleep, and pushing bodies and minds to the limit! At this point it will be pure determination that keeps them putting one leg in front of the other.

After 560 kilometres and a non-stop 4 days of travelling by bikes, boats and boots, Team Tower to Tower will arrive in London, taking their final steps over the iconic Tower Bridge to the finish line in the shadow of this historic landmark.

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