Only 24 Hours to Go

30 May 2018

After a full day of walking today, the Tower to Tower team are approximately 20kms in to their 100km trek.

They've crossed car parks, dual carriageways, roads and fields, and now they're continuing their march to London. The team have been on the move since Monday morning and have had virtually no sleep and only short rest stops to refuel along the way.

The team haven't seen a bed since Sunday night, with their only opportunity to sleep during their short two hour breaks during the row across the channel.

They will walk on throughout the night, and will be joined by a team of guide-walkers to help them navigate the route and keep them safe, especially as they’re now really feeling the effects of sleep deprivation.

Paul Staley, SDL Director, said “We’re all just coping at the moment. We’ve all had some great moments and some low ones. I never want to see another wooden rowing boat! But we’re all really supporting each other as a team. Please everyone, keep donating!”

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We’ve also added lots more photos and videos of the team, which you can access at:

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