Row, Row, Row

29 May 2018

It's day two of Tower to Tower 2018 and the team are part way across the English Channel, navigating their way through one of the busiest shipping routes in the world!

They left Leg Havre at 9:30pm (UK Time) last night and have been rowing for 11 hours now.

On a two hours on, two hours off basis they’re keeping the boat moving at all times, but it means there's little time to rest.

Team mate and Trustee for The Donna Louise, Nathan Walton said "The row is going to be really tough and is the one I'm least looking forward to. The sleep deprivation and rowing through the night is going to be really hard. Being a Trustee, I get to see first-hand exactly how much the money raised helps the families of The Donna Louise."

In their two hour break they have to change out of their wet clothes, grab something to eat & drink, and try to grab a few minutes sleep. All this is to highlight the relentless sleep deprivation faced by many families who rely on The Donna Louise.

The team will continue to row across the channel for the rest of today and tonight, until they finally reach Brighton at approximately 7.30am on Wednesday.

Row start

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